How to get out of the looping screen alignment.

If you are running a custom ROM on your Windows Mobile device and can't align your screen, then read on...

I have recently flashed my Samsung Omnia (i910) to yet another Windows Mobile 6.5 release (build 23091). The problem that I was facing was not being able to align my screen. After I hit all 5 points, it just restarts. So, I have been doing some searching since I really needed screen alignment and here's what I've found:

Solution 1 (Source is here)

Instead of tapping on the screen, lightly tap and hold.

I found this solution not to work on my device.

Solution 2 (Can't find the source, but it was somewhere on MoDaCo or

Instead of tapping on the screen, draw little circles.

Even though some people reported this as a working solution, it didn't work for me

Solution 3 (Source is here)

1) Open Registry Editor
3) Change " MaxCalError " value From 7 to 200

This one did it for me quite nicely! I didn't even had to reboot my device to commit registry settings!

Hope this'll help someone!