Tasker Profile: Display a Permanent Notification When Near a BT Device

I have recently picked up a pair of Bluetooth Headphones which I use while at work. When I'm at work I sometimes switch from listening to my computer to listening to my phone. Since there is no easy way to connect to my headphones with one click (you have to go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> Tap on your device), I've decided to create next best thing: Tasker Profile!

Howto time function execution with Python

I recently had a requirement to test performance of a function call in a python script I have written. After searching the web, I finally stumbled upon a python module called timeit. After searching how to use it, I stumbled upon this blog post that explains how to wrap a function call and execute that function with timeit several times to get average execution time.
So, here's the code that I've taken from above mentioned blog post.

Howto: Recover your 2 Factor Authentication Secrets from Google Authenticator

By now most of you have probably already heard about 2 Factor Authentication and are probably using it for some websites, like Google. Also, chances are, if you are on Android device, you are using Google Authenticator app. The problem is: if you change your phones, wipe it, or loose it, you are left with a HUGE HEADACHE trying to recover your codes to re-generate tokens.
To preven that from happening, you have couple of choices:

Fun with Python and Gmail

In this article, I will show you how to log in to a Gmail account via IMAP and search your inbox for a mail.

Why you ask? Well, for me it was needed for one of my automation tasks for FamilyPoint application we are working on. When an ivitation is sent, we needed an automatic way of getting the invite code and register an account with that code...

Howto: Integrate KIF into an iOS project using single build target with CocoaPods?

Recently our project started to utilize CocoaPods for dependency management. We are also using KIF for our testing needs. While KIF is an amazing framework for iOS testing, it has a major flaw - either developers or QA engineers need to maintain a separate build target for KIF. Well, I've had it with constant build failures due to a file removal or addition to the target and I have decided to create a ruby script that will be executed as part of CocoaPods installation. Below is our Podfile that depicts our solution.

Howto: Use JSON String as a Data Source in SoapUI

So, recently I had to create a test case in SoapUI that would be calling a single endpoint multiple times. The only difference between each execution is the value of an argument that is being passed in. The caveat was that I had a to call another endpoint which would give me a JSON with values that needed to be checked. I figured that the best way would be get JSON response from the first test step and create a DataSource Groovy step that would parse that JSON and iterate over the results. So, here is my DataSource Groovy step that made it all possible: