My Favorite Android Apps

I just thought that I'd write up this little blog post that talks about my most favorite Android applications. This list is going to contain both free and paid for apps and I'm going to give a brief description of what each app does. So, let's get to it!

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I'm going to be updating this table as I will find more applications that I find very useful, so check back frequently!
Meanwhile, if you have an app that I've not listed above, feel free to leave a comment!

HOWTO: Excel formula to add up all numbers from last month

So, suppose you have a spreadsheet with 2 columns: Date and Value. You would like to add all values that match a date from last month. The trick is that last month changes based on today's date.

So, to get this done, you need to create an array formula that would look like this:

=sum(if(month(date_range)=month(today()-1), value_range, 0))

An example, could look like so:

Howto: Start application from JScript and specify 'Start in folder' attribute

Let's say you have an application that has to be started from a specific location. In other words, if you were to launch this application and expect it work properly, you'll need to either:
1) Create a shortcut and specify 'Start in' folder or
2) Navigate to the folder where your application resides and start it from there

HOWTO: Find application's install path with JScript using Windows Registry

So, you need to write a script to determine application's install path. You could use wmi console and iterate over programs, but that somehow modifies installer's data. The easiest and safest way to determine that is to browse Windows Registry.
When a program gets installed, its information gets written to a HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{app guid} key.

HOWTO: Proxy your internal websites via a single apache2 server

So, you have multiple web applications running on multiple computers and don't want to configure NAT on your router? Well, this is your lucky day! Let Apache's reverse proxy come to the rescue!

First, you need to enable couple of modules

sudo a2enmod proxy
sudo a2enmod proxy_html

Once your modules have been enabled, restart your apache2 server

HOWTO: Read script configuration data from XML in TestComplete using JScript

So, you've written a script and have some variables that change from computer to computer. For example, your application under test is located at c:\program files\MyApp\MyApp.exe while on your neighbor's computer it is located at C:\MyApp\MyApp. Since MyApp is your application under test, you need to be able to run it on any computer without any errors.
2 Approaches come to mind:

Unscheduled downtime

Hey guys!

I'm sorry if you were trying to get to some of the blog entries and could not get to them. My server has crashed and I was trying to fix it. I believe that it is fixed now, but I will keep monitoring it.

Luckily no data has been lost and everything is back to normal.