How to set up ssh tunnel to bypass corporate proxy

Are you trying to access some harmless website that is blocked by your IT? Frustrating, isn't it? Well, read on, because this guide will open all the doors for you.

General notes

Please note, I assume that you already have an SSH server that you can connect to from outside world.
For the purpose of this article, I'm connecting to on port 443. I'm using port 443 since all firewalls and proxies have this port open for ssl connections.

Registry Tips and Tricks

Hey guys!

So, here are some registry tweaks that I stumbled upon when messing around with my Samsung Omnia i910 running a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

How to include your voicemail password for autodial:

1) Navigate to


2) Find value


NOTE: If value is not present, create a STRING value
3) Set it to

HOWTO: Allow spaces in the mount name

Have you ever tried to create a mount point with a space in it? Well, I have and what I got was a mounted folder which is accessible via network, but FreeNAS is showing an error next to that mount point. The reason why FreeNAS is showing an error is because it finds the mount point /path/to/your/mount point as /path/to/your/mount which, of course, is not a match.

HOWTO: Mount ISO files into a specified directory

Hey guys!

It always bugged me that when I mount an ISO/IMG file via WebGUI, and create a mount point to it under SMB Shares, I have yet another high-level folder to look at when browsing my network shares. What I wanted to do is:
* To have a 2 Directories:
- Mount point on a HDD that will contain my ISO files (e.g. \\FreeNAS\ISO\Images)
- Folder that would contain my mount points to ISO files based on category (e.g. \\FreeNAS\ISO\Mounts\Apps or \\FreeNAS\ISO\Mounts\Movies)

Script to create an extension place holder

Hey guys!

If you ever wanted to create an extension for a FreeNAS and never wanted to be bothered with all the linking and correct extensions folder structure, then here's a script that will do all that for your automatically on the background.

Most of you will find this script rather useless since there are a lot of users who run an embedded version of a FreeNAS and/or don't have a large enough system partition. If you can use it, I'm glad and I hope that it'll be useful!