Howto: Integrate KIF into an iOS project using single build target with CocoaPods?

Recently our project started to utilize CocoaPods for dependency management. We are also using KIF for our testing needs. While KIF is an amazing framework for iOS testing, it has a major flaw - either developers or QA engineers need to maintain a separate build target for KIF. Well, I've had it with constant build failures due to a file removal or addition to the target and I have decided to create a ruby script that will be executed as part of CocoaPods installation. Below is our Podfile that depicts our solution.

Howto dynamic steps with KIF

One of my latest tasks was to write some KIF. tests for our iOS applications. If you are not familiar what KIF. is or what it does, here is a brief intro...
KIF. is short for Keep It Functional. It is an open source test framework written by Square Inc and hosted on GitHub.
Now that you are somewhat familiar with what KIF is and how to use it, this guide will show you how you can have more or less dynamic steps. By dynamic, I mean that you could have a setup that looks like this: