Tasker Profiles

Crypto coin ticker

I recently decided to get into the world of BitCoins, so I bought some coins. Aside from BitCoins, I also have LiteCoins and FeatherCoins. I wanted to track the prices of all these currencies on a single widget on my screen. While searching on the market, I saw an app that allows me to add various widgets on my screen to track all these currencies, but at a cost of a widget per currency type. I do not want to give up that much real estate on my phone for the data that could be displayed in 1 small widget.

Unlock your device using random slider

Recently I've stumbled upon this reddit thread, where user AllanJH designed a lockscreen with Widget Locker that has a bunch of sliders with only 1 slider letting you into your phone. I really like that idea and began implementing it. I made one small deviation from the original post though - I am changing the "valid" slider every hour.

Tasker Profile: Display a Permanent Notification When Near a BT Device

I have recently picked up a pair of Bluetooth Headphones which I use while at work. When I'm at work I sometimes switch from listening to my computer to listening to my phone. Since there is no easy way to connect to my headphones with one click (you have to go to Settings -> Bluetooth -> Tap on your device), I've decided to create next best thing: Tasker Profile!